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So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Blue Collar Politics Radio Show

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This Site, first of all, is from a Christian point of view, you however do not need to believe in order to listen. Just because I believe in God and Jesus and that Jesus died for us on the cross for our salvation, this does not mean you need to believe. This site and my radio show is a practical, realistic about Life, Health, Healing, and surviving this world of our own making. Read more...

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Blue Collar Politics Radio Talk Show LIVE Saturday 7-11pm EDT

We have a chat room to where you can input what you think

Political Commentary

Welcome to Blue Collar Politics where we break down the weeks events into a easy to understand format

World Political News

We bring you the best news from around the wortld and try to break it down to understand how it affects you.

Pictue Preview

We will have a picture page where followers of the blog or the website, and radio show can post their picture to see who we are talking too.


We have our blog set up and running and you can add your comments to the blog just by going to


If you have any help needs or technical questions we are here to help you.

Easy Forms and Polls

We will offer many Polls and surveys if you want them and you will be entered to win a prise.

The Endorsements

Robert Ayala

I like listenning to Thomas on the Radio and I want to wish him the best of luck in the future.

BCP Spokeswoman

I truly enjoy listening to The Blue Collar Politics Show. Thomas is very down to earth and very REAL, which is on of the aspects of the show I enjoy the most.

Sissy Kitty

Sissy "Kitty" Fry

I love watching my daddy work and I jump up on his desk to bug him about feeding my little furry self.