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Hello my name is Thomas AJ Fry "The Biblical Survivalist" and I would like to tell you about myself. I was born in Cleveland Ohio and was raised in the little town of Ravenna, Ohio about an hour south of Cleveland. I am living proof that adoption works. I was adopted at a very young age by my parents, Mr. Gerald James Fry and Mrs. Patricia Ann Fry and I have one older sister and we lived in a middle class nice neighbour hood with very little crime. It was back in a time when I got home from school park my car in the front yard with the windows down and keys in the ignition, which if you would do that today your car would get stolen. I was a boy scout and was in a youth group with my church and played baseball.

I have spent the last twenty years going to doctors and they talk to me for five minutes and then prescribe me medicine without even explaining what is really going on in their thinking process. Modern medicine moves so slowly in its advancement and I have seen people waiting around so long for a doctor that they die. I have also seen whole countries go forth with almost no doctors, yet survive to their 90’s and have lived life with no money, government, and especially no FDA. In my country almost everyone is on some type of pill and getting fatter by the minute. This has been frustrating with no relief in sight. I have done many years of researching why we can’t survive today without modern medicine, high electric bills and above all paying for water. I have found that we can with some simple knowledge eliminate all of these preconceived ideas that we are dependent on doctors, government programs, and overpriced utilities. This is a practical Talk radio show that dives into these issues and gives the listener actual things that will help you live a better life. There are many list of exactly what to do and what you need to survive the coming years.

Over the last 15 years with being disabled with a spine injury I have gotten very good with computers and on-line research to find anything on the net and found ways to verify this information. I have collected so much useful information that has helped me tremendously. Now I would like to help others by passing on as much as I have learned.

I am a Christian so everything I do is from a Saved Christian point of view. I study the King James Version Bible 1611ver., and I study for several hours every day. I very much enjoy the research I do on, God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible. The Bible to me is a historical book that tells us how we should pray, worship, and generally live our lives, and foretells our future and our past. Everyday scientist prove more and more writings in the bible to be true and Fact. I have taken what I know in my Christianity and what I know of survival and put the two subjects together and you get a whole other way of looking at what is going on in the world today and how to deal with it. This I know is true; if you look around to what is happening in the world today without the knowledge of the Bible, it looks very scary. I have knowledge in what I have learned and I want to pass it on.


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Thomas A Fry

This Site, first of all is from a Christian point of view, I believe in God and Jesus and that Jesus died for us on the cross for our salvation. This site and my radio show is a practical, realistic about Life, Health, Healing, and surviving this world of our own making.


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Robert Ayala

I like listenning to Thomas on the Radio and I want to wish him the best of luck in the future.

BCP Spokeswoman

I truly enjoy listening to The Blue Collar Politics Show. Thomas is very down to earth and very REAL, which is on of the aspects of the show I enjoy the most.

Sissy Kitty

Sissy "Kitty" Fry

I love watching my daddy work and I jump up on his desk to bug him about feeding my little furry self.