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Thomas AJ Fry

I would like to introduce you to the ‘Blue Collar Politics’ radio talk show and I am your host Thomas Fry the ‘Biblical Survivalist’. We are coming to you from a studio in central Florida around Orlando.

We are here to help you understand and survive these modern times where things are turned all around, upside down, and downside up.

This alternative news talk show is where the truth is told and there is no pressure on what subjects we talk about because this show is directed by myself and produced by Darrell Neely GERN

That belief is that God is Thee God and had a son named Jesus and he died on the cross for us sinners and rose from the dead on the third day to be seated at the right hand of our Father, forever.

Blue Collar Politics is on every Saturday from 7-11pm and recast every Wednesday morning 7-9am if you can’t listen to the broadcast and if you want to go back to catch any previous broadcast on the archives tab @ and if you like the show please hit the donate button because we produce our own show and we want to stay on the air for you, so every dollar helps.

This is the first video on YouTube and we will bring you many more about world news and end times and how this can affect you in your daily living. I am a survivalist and will have many videos on true survival, and what really works and what is just somebody trying to sell you something.

We will also have a peer review every week that brings attention to the people that are trying to give you good information. Our first peer review I will do now.

PEER REVIEW: Dutchsinse ~ the earthquake forecaster that really can forecast earthquakes and how the government is trying to discredit him unfairly so please go check him out and I will provide a link to his site and youtube channel in the space below. He has really scientifically figure out how to forecast earthquakes and he needs our help to get those gov. cronies from slandering him around every corner.

The Endorsements

Robert Ayala

I like listenning to Thomas on the Radio and I want to wish him the best of luck in the future.

BCP Spokeswoman

I truly enjoy listening to The Blue Collar Politics Show. Thomas is very down to earth and very REAL, which is on of the aspects of the show I enjoy the most.

Sissy Kitty

Sissy "Kitty" Fry

I love watching my daddy work and I jump up on his desk to bug him about feeding my little furry self.